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Set up your company in Turkey

Company Set-up:

Set-up a limited company in Istanbul – Turkey:

Establishing and registration of the company in the Chamber of Commerce and announcing in the Turkish Official Gazette.

Notary expenses and financial advisor expenses includes:

  1. Letter of attorney to the financial advisor to set-up the company

  2. Letter of attorney to the financial advisor

  3. Passport Translation and Notary expense.

  4. Company owner’s signature circulars expense.



Management Services:

Accept all the mail and cargo in the company’s name.

Financial Advisory’s expenses.

Representing the company in case of inspection from the Ministry of Finance and the Tax Department.

Submit a monthly report and notice of the taxes due and the dates of payment.

General consultancy services.

Establishing a company website.

Establish a company email address.

Design a company logo.

Design and print Business cards for company managers.

Virtual Office

Virtual office gives businesses a physical address and office related services without the overhead of a long lease and administrative staff. With a virtual office employees can work from anywhere but still utilize a mailing address, phone answering and messaging services, meeting room and more at a lower cost and with greater flexibility..

Virtual Centrale

The Virtual Centrale service is a landline phone that is used by a mobile phone application for you to be able to carry your company’s phone anywhere.